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Quirky is a social product development company. Your product ideas come in, our community & design team works on them, we sell your product worldwide, and share the revenue with our inventors & influencers.

By enabling a fluid conversation between a global community of influencers and an expert product design team– we are able to accomplish the impossible: bringing one brand new product concept from sketch to store each week.


The previous site was Inventors Digest. Looks like we are staying with the theme for the time being.

We all have ideas for new products. For $99 you can submit your idea to Quirky and get the all kinds of feedback and involvement by the Quirky community and if it gets enough community votes and the quirky team’s vote, you can see your being developed into an actual product. Yes, you get paid a percentage of sales. You can find details on the FAQ page.

Submitting a winning product idea is not the only way you can make money on quirky. Get involved and vote for product ideas, become an influencer and get a portion from the proceeds the winning idea brings.

Don’t for get to shop at Quirky. You can by brand new products before they are mass marketed. They make great gifts.

Quirky is about crowd sourcing of new product ideas and getting/giving feedback on these ideas. Go get involved…

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